Sunday, 1 February 2015

Picasso, Daumier and Robert Adam?

16.1.15 - 30.1.15

After some indecision, I think I am off the mark? I have decided to respond to the project so that it is in line with my current preoccupation....that is monuments,you will have seen some in Haus of Helfa,in fact the whole collection was basically to do with that theme.I expect that the work will be realised in the form of paintings drawings constructions...... and will be very much a reaction to,rather than transcriptive.I enclose some images for reference,one of which is a three dimensional realisation ,in part,of Picasso s painting Monument to the French fallen(I think !) no 4. I may still ask for a reaction from the staff and maybe visitors,maybe a post card to me giving their reaction to a piece of work in the collection. The work I am interested in is Picasso ,two vases,Artist and model Daumier Lunch in the country. The Chamber Organ case designed by Robert Adam.

Gareth Griffith.
Continues on my page.

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