Sunday, 20 September 2015

Noelle Griffiths page updated

August 2015  

I have been working on a series of paintings that relate to the Re-Take/Re-Invent exhibition since mid January 2015.  The first two paintings Island – departed and Large Yellow Painting will get destroyed as they are not resolved and cannot be saved.  I will keep the book pages I made alongside these paintings and will bind them with text as part of a series of books.  This project is about the creative process and the failures are as important as the paintings that find a conclusion.

...”The bad paintings have to be painted and to the artist these are more valuable than those paintings later brought before the public.”...  Agnes Martin

Since then I have been working with geometric shapes, space, colour and tone.  Barragán I & II are named after Luis Barragán - a Mexican architect who used colour, light and shade to create architectural spaces both inside and outside of his buildings. 

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John Renshaw page updated


My attempt to respond to the paintings of Morandi continues.

Recent drawings use his paintings as a catalyst, seeking to explore ideas concerning their particular visual characteristics. At the present time, this has prompted work in both two and three dimensions  (an essentially improvisational and intuitive response) and a move towards abstraction.

Work so far has prompted two avenues of enquiry:

1.The implications of the term ’Rhopography’ and the potential visual and narrative implications suggested through the use of found and discarded objects and materials. This has been explored through both temporary and permanent constructions.

2. The exploration of ‘pictorial’ or ‘visual mechanics’ suggested by Morandis’ paintings.

Recent drawings seek to examine such issues.

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