Saturday, 29 August 2015

Steffan Jones Hughes page updated

I was interested in developing this concept of one character being controlled by another, innocent appearing, character. I'm interested in how relationships can be explored in my work and how things can be viewed at face value, but can also have other undercurrents. I became interested in the other elements of the work; The small "toy" pet. A small dog, a companion, but again, a creature that relies on the subject of the work, the girl, for its existence.....

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Noel McCready page updated

    If I pay attention to the production process (creative process)……how do my paintings materialise?.  I see a picture complete in my minds-eye, with assembled parts, objects, colours and a vague atmosphere which is to do with my personal mysteries….my style. And all wrapped around “the subject”,  which may already have a half formed title.

     Then, when I come to turn the imagined image into reality on paper, it immediately starts to change....

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John Renshaw page updated

Some small objects temporarily constructed from 'trivia'...................

Rhopography :' (from Rhopos – trivial objects, small wares, trifles) is the depiction of those things which lack importance, the unassuming material base of life that ‘importance’ continually overlooks'.

From: ‘Looking at The Overlooked – Four Essays on Still Life Painting: Norman Bryson.

Reakton. 1990 ( ISBN 0-948462-06-x pbk ) Chapter 2. P.60.

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Huw Jones page updated


Process - Glazing

Layers of acrylic paint thinned with mediums - retarder, flow enhancer and best of all slow-dry blending medium.

The layers dry quickly, they are fairly translucent, creating thin veils that make the forms less certain, more suggested.

Once the first layers are dry, they invite more layers, re- drawing and re- defining, blurring then sharpening, each layer adding to the 'envelope' of light....

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Marged Pendrell page updated

May/June 2015

Heading for home feeling colder than I had done all winter I noticed as I came down once more towards the Crimea a circle of brown (peat?) and remembered that I had seen it before and wondered what it was, why there was nothing growing on it?

I was too cold to take a look but returned the next day....