Saturday, 7 February 2015

Karel Appel

I saw a painting – unknown artist, unknown sitter, Italian school, Renaissance. Hilariously described as ‘the earliest known example of a Welshman holding a leek’.


Since the leek looked more like a shrivelled old spring onion, a vista of possible re-inventions appeared before me. So the mis-identification of vegetables has been going since Renaissance times – rich pickings!

Frivolous though. But I may return to the wrong vegetable.

And there was a Rodin sculpture. It might be a John the Baptist, not sure. But this is his hand

I have a predilection for officious exhortations not to do something. There’s a general ‘Don’t do anything at all’ feeling about this hand.

Just stop it!
It’s safer! This has possibilities. It’s up my street. Actually my own street is pretty underpopulated so far as possibilities are concerned to be honest. It interests me very little.
The JUST DON’T thing is appealing though and quite a good motto to live by. You could JUST DON’T almost anything, except breathe maybe, except briefly while underwater.
The world is precarious enough.
That’s why I admire the determined stride of Zobole in a confined space.
I go past a small Michael Andrews painting of a couple in bed,
an Augustus John of a woman in a hat

a David Jones elephant in a room
a picture of two sisters. Sisters are intriguing, the way they don’t look like each and the way they do.

On the other hand – do I care?

....Continued on my page, Gilly Thomas

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