Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Noëlle Griffiths page updated

For each book I have tried to incorporate different aspects of the creative process of making a painting.  I have looked through my notebooks and included selected notes, sketches and words that relate to each painting.  For the Fragile – Barragan book I used studio paper (often old posters) with the evidence of paintings painted on top to print text on.  A record of many paintings’ colours, brush marks and spatters.  For Fragile – Enclosed (studio) book I photographed the studio at the time of making the painting and each day includes a small studio view with three or four words.  Some books do not include any text and are purely visual.  The swipes of colours used each day are in their own right quite beautiful.

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Monday, 9 May 2016

Wanda Zyborska page updated

As I mentioned before, in Fuseli’s painting Anticleia is within a spiral of energy made up of ghosts.  She has become a symbol for overlooked older women to me, and I have invested her with my own desires.  She is my mascot, and in a way I am inventing her just as much as Homer did, except that I am not using her to fill some narrative gaps but trying to envisage her as a creative event, a site for possibilities. ...

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