Sunday, 11 January 2015

Thomas Jones of Pencerrig

Thomas Jones of Pencerrig

Since seeing the paintings of Thomas Jones in the National Gallery in 2005, when I first really looked at his work, I have always sought them in different collections and galleries. The ones particularly striking for me are those painted in Naples of walls and buildings viewed from across the street or from a window; simple images to do with light and form. They struck me particularly because they seemed familiar in reason and intention. I think Jones painted these, more or less for himself, from just looking over time and looking again at the same views, what was close at hand, as available. He was interested in light on buildings, the time of day, the holes and empty windows and perhaps how they changed in appearance during the stages of the day. I am intrigued by these particular paintings that command time to look at them and look forward to studying them closer and finding out why they seem to resonate so profoundly.

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