Saturday, 31 January 2015

Monet's Rouen Cathedral

I went down to Cardiff last week and managed to get started on the project at the National Gallery. I did sketches and notes over two days, based on Monet's Rouen Cathedral painting and have attached some here. The Museum staff were really helpful and it was a really good experience. On the way down I stopped at Oriel Davies in Newtown and Clare Woods had done a very similar project with work in response to Paul Nash and Manet paintings and a Vietnam war photo by Philip Jones Griffiths. It would be a great exhibition for any other tutors to see.
I'm not sure yet how to continue with the project but as the Monet had a very strong texture which does not show up in reproductions, I would like to make a series of textured panels using encaustic, plaster, sawdust, tapestry, collage etc.

Huw Jones.

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