Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Eleanor Brooks page updated

Notes towards the second installment of my Daumier Project.

I have made some notes of the various random thoughts that have been floating through my head to be considered before I commit myself to start on a final piece, a physical piece.

Religion abandoned, the Religious sense, buried deep.  Is it only a residue of my Catholic upbringing, or an inevitable, universal human response to the magical mystery tour that is life? Why is there anything rather than nothing? Why is it as it is? Could it be otherwise?
If things are as they are because of some inevitable constitutional or developmental part of nature then who are we to protest? Yet the child's protest, "But it’s NOT FAIR." is that not just as inevitable, an inevitable universal human response?  And therefore just as legitimate?
The religious sense, the impulse to worship, seems to be a response to the big picture and is an acceptance of the way things are. (Shouldn’t we even be grateful?)                                                

continued on Eleanor's page....

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