Thursday, 1 October 2015

Noel McCready page updated

                         SEPTEMBER.   From journal entry of July.

More words about why I’m reluctant to use too many words! I think that what I mistrust is the inappropriate use….overuse…of  one artform to describe another
        But words are useful, and are produced in large quantities, to guide us in a general way.  For instance, to tell of the life and personality of the artist; the artist’s context in the history of art and in the history of society;  how the artwork was made (technically); what other commentators have said and written about the artwork. But words cannot explain the ”meaning” of an artwork

        There are many examples of artists complaining when critics/theorists attempt to do this. These complaints are often misattributed and apocryphal but are neatly summed up by “writing about painting is like dancing about architecture”

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